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Homicidal-Hobbit's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

Probably a permanent Hiatus, I just never really use my deviantART anymore, but there are lots of other sites bellow where you can see my art work and contact me! So I have not disappeared from the internet, just moved on from this site. Might be back some day!


About me:
Deviant Since:
9th of November 2008

(Animation by Hoaxi)
Name: Zack
Nicknames/Shortenings: Grump Stag, Your Grace, Hobbit
Gender: Male
Preferred Pronouns He, Him, His
Age: 21 (January 22nd 1996)
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single

Hello, I am an artist from the UK, My hope is to one day was to become and illustrator, currently in University studying illustration, I love Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and JJBA. Check out my Tumblr or FA if you wanna see my art ;3

Tumblr Main Fandom Blog
stuff I am interested in, good place to ask me stuff.
Tumblr Art Blog
finished art, finished college stuff. Also good if you have picture suggestions, leave an ask~
Where I occasionally talk about what I'm doing/some work I am doing, hoping to use it more. Also a really good place to get in touch because I have it on my phone, any questions/suggestions or you wanna talk DM me there~
Best place to see my furry art, obvs. Probably one of my most used sites art wise.
Really good for WIP's/Stuff I am doing in college and for seeing photo's I have taken and such. Post on here quite a lot now.
University Blog
Pretty simple, the blog I have to run for my university course, you can see all the art work I have to do on my course~
Hey guys. So if you haven't noticed, and I'm pretty sure if you cared in the slightest you have, that I basically do not use this site anymore. I don't post anything and I don't even really come on here and check anything anymore, which is kinda sad but, it just doesn't really do anything for me anymore, the community has changed a hell of a lot since I started, what uhhm 8? Years ago, maybe? Well I know I was 11 when I first started looking at things in the site here and getting really excited about artists, drawing and being part of fan bases. But I don't know. People here bar a few friends have changed completely, the site is money grabbing and cold now, it used to feel so much more warm and caring but now it's just about points and crap like that. No one really has much of an interest in my work anymore either, I'm not whining about comments and faves and crap, but I mean it's nice to feel like people actually want to see your work, and here despite having quite a lot of watchers I don't really have the energy to post here for what little response I get. 

Supose the long and short of it is, I don't use deviantart anymore so, I'm basically closing up shop. I may be back sometime in the future when I have more time, but for now I am putting everything in storage and going on a permanent (at least for the foreseeable future) hiatus. Keeping my account here I case and so I can talk to the friends I have here sometimes.
deviantart used to be my absolute happy place online, I made so many friends here and grew a lot from the experiences I had and through posting my art on here. A lot of the friends I used to have here left actually, a lot of my closest friends from near the beginning I lost contact with completely. I feel like I am actually one of the last from my original community circle here to do this.

but it's not the end!! Like I said I may be back, and there are a lot of other sites that you can talk to me and keep up with me on, such as my FA, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr which I use a lot, and my university blog which I will have to post my uni art on, as well as a YouTube I will hopefully use more in the future once I get my shit together. 
I think I will still link to live streams here sometimes when I do them in case. But yeah never worry! I'll still check here sometimes you can always message me if you need something like a link to sites I'm on or an email whatever.

So all of my art work has been out in storage cause I couldn't be bothered to get rid of it, and I will be slowly cleaning this website up ready if for if/when I come back. If there are any pictures you want from me that have been stored or deleted lemme know. :3

good luck guys! Have a good time in the future!
Zack out 
  • Listening to: Markiplier - Soma lets play
  • Reading: This
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Pokemon alpha sapphire
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water


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ShirleyVaga Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017
 happy b day
Tatta-doodles Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

miss you X3 (haven't been able to fix my furaffinity page yet, so that's why I haven't been on)
Vertical-Misfit Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merry christmas, happy new year and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :la:

:p hey i was early for one of em!

:XD: how's life going? 
Vertical-Misfit Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:turbopoke: are you dead?

X3 no dying for you!
Homicidal-Hobbit Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey man! Yeah, sorry not entirely dead but...dying? |D;; I just keep forgetting about DA tbh, It's just a chore to put work up here now DX I have been thinking about moving over to DA and Tumblr and ditching my account here, cause I don't get feedback on any of my work on here anymore, sept for a few buddies who I can talk to on skype and stuff if I want I am loosing the motivation to be on this site :< I'm sure this website had gone downhill so much in the last few years, no soul, no fun anymore. 
Also just read your journal, sorry about your not so amazing holiday in scotland! XD I do wanna go and see it, but maybe not for more than a few days.
Vertical-Misfit Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: frickin scotland! >> rebuild the damn wall

yeah, if you go to scotland, don't go to ardgour..... THERE'S NOTHING FOR AT LEAST A 20 MIN DRIVE! :nuu:
:p plenty of sheep though

:3 yup, DA is definitely dying and on its way out. >> its becoming over run with whinny kids and people 'pretending' to be pro... >X3 ego's, nuuu! :nuu:

:glomp: well, as long as your alive, i'm good :3
Homicidal-Hobbit Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Student General Artist
I will bear that in mind! I only really wanna go see some mountains and deer and stuff, I'll be good after a weekend I'm sure XD

Yeah it really is, used to be a good laugh on here when I joined, used to get lots of good/fun messages on my work and stuff, and there were a bunch of cool people, but there it literally none of the good stuff left really, like you said whiny kids and wannabes who are too good to talk to anyone, booo! I'm only here for you and like two other people tbh, I've stopped posting though, I just can't be arsed anymore on here it's not worth the time. I get feedback on FurAffinity much better and the people are nicer/less fake, and then Tumblr I get feedback and meet cool people too so I kinda don't need this place anymore |D Sad though, this place used to be so cool, think the money grabbing and shitty gimmicks have wrecked it.

I wish FA would update the bloody site...Probably most of my friends on here could be convinced to move on there permanently then! Bleh! 

Ah well, I'm glad that my being alive is a good thing! Ahah~ I'm glad you're doing alright too man :huggle: I'm pretty much always on skype if you're worried I've dropped of the planet! But I'm still gonna be hanging around here for a while, just probably not posting anymore.
Hoaxi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
CM: Homicidal-Hobbit by Hoaxi finished ;u;
Homicidal-Hobbit Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Student General Artist
Wuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuhh!!! ;3; thank yoouuu! you beautiful human it is perf! 
Vertical-Misfit Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:la: hey! Having fun driving in the snow? :nana:
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